State Records Committee Appeal Decision Summaries, 1998-2000

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Case Number Case Title/Participants Records Sought Ruling
98-01 KSL vs.
Juab County Sheriff's Dept.
Jail booking photograph of James Penrod Appeal granted
98-02 Ellis Dean Hovey vs.
Utah Department of Human Services
Address and telephone number of petitioner's son Appeal granted
98-03 William T. Jacob vs.
American Fork City
Records concerning an investigation of the American Fork Police Department Appeal denied
98-04 William T. Jacob vs.
American Fork City
A letter from former Mayor Jess Green to American Fork Police Chief John Durrant, regarding termination of Mr. Durrant's employment as Police Chief Appeal denied
98-05 Michael A. Sims vs.
Utah Education Network
Logs regarding utilization of the Internet by students and school personnel of the public schools in Utah Appeal granted
98-06 William T. Jacob vs.
American Fork City
Records of the investigation of the Police Department 'started by Councilmembers Storrs and McKinney' Appeal denied
98-07 William T. Jacob vs.
American Fork City
Records of communications between a governmental entity and an attorney; attorney work product; and records that would reveal the contents of settlement negotiations Appeal partially granted
98-08 George E. Brown, Jr. vs.
American Fork City
Various contact reports, supplemental police reports, witness statements, prosecutor notes; and correspondence related to the petitioner Appeal partially granted
98-09 LINCOLN SMITH (Mustafa Abdul Aziz) vs. Utah Department of Corrections Property confiscation forms Appeal granted
99-01 Paul Knoll vs.
Utah Department of Corrections
List of all incoming, outgoing mail sent to or by petitioner Appeal granted
99-02 Charles Watkins vs.
Utah Department of Corrections
All mental health records Appellee held regarding Appellant Appeal denied
99-03 Leo T. Dirr vs.
Weber State University
Vote tallies and computer log server lists regarding a student election held at Weber State University Appeal partially granted
99-04 Daniel T. Moquin vs.
Utah Attorney General's Office
A copy of the investigation relating to allegations of misconduct of certain other employees of Appellee Appeal partially granted
99-05 Ernest Chacon vs.
Utah Dept. of Corrections
Portions of the investigative report of a certain 1988 incident at the Utah State Prison that reflect what the petitioner told the investigators Appeal denied
99-06 Blaine Jordan vs.
Division of Unclaimed Property
Utah State Treasurer
The dollar amount of each item of unclaimed property, described by Appellant as "the value of assets" Appeal denied
99-07 Julian Hatch vs.
Utah School Lands and Institutional Trust Administration
All records between Chris Robinson and the Trust Lands Administration regarding Boulder property; Gibbs Smith's Application (and attachments) to Lease the subject property per a Trust Lands Administration letter to Appellant; and Smith's Request for Confidentiality of Business Records related to the Application Appeal denied
99-08 Gregory T. Dunn vs.
Tooele City
Records of Appellee City that reflect claims against the City Appeal granted
99-09 Mary Jean Meats vs.
Logan City Police Department
Personnel records of petitioner Appeal partially granted
99-10 Taj N. Becker vs.
Utah Dept. of Public Safety
Education record(s)" and "employment record(s)" of a certain named employee of Appellee Appeal denied
99-11 David E. Schlottman vs.
Dept. of Commerce
All records including secret records in petitioner's file Appeal denied
99-12 Suzanne Pape vs.
Utah Dept. of Public Safety
All pre-internal affairs investigation documents requested by [Appellant] and all documents not created or maintained for the internal affairs investigation pertaining to Appellee's investigation of Appellant Appeal denied
99-13 Penny Atkinson vs.
City of West Jordan
Report prepared by Appellee regarding allegations of impropriety brought against petitioner by a co-employee Appeal denied
99-14 Barbara Haynes vs.
Logan City Police Dept.
Grievance tapes of a hearing between petitioner and her supervisor, petitioner's department file and a copy of the Noise Survey Results conducted as a result of [petitioner's] hearing loss Appeal declared moot
99-15 Cathy Cartwright vs.
Utah Dept. of Corrections
Copies of the completed criteria forms for the two CA II positions and the one CA IV position and copies of the completed CA Interview Notes for those same positions Appeal granted
00-01 DataLister, Inc. vs.
Utah Labor Commission
Names of employers required by law to be reported by insurers employers to the State; each such employer's address; each employer's insurer of record; and each employer's insurance policy renewal date Appeal denied
00-02 Roger Humphries vs.
Washington County School District
Two psychological evaluations prepared by doctors who examined Appellant in connection with Appellee's notice of intent to terminate employment Appeal denied
00-03 Matt Barlow dba Network Electric Inc. vs.
Dept. of Commerce
Investigation policy and procedure manual maintained by the Department's Division of Occupational & Professional Licensing Appeal granted
none Mark D. Bergman vs.
Labor Commission
Five documents by the Labor Commission which petitioner alleges contained his private information Findings of fact only
00-04 Robot Aided Manufacturing Center, Inc. dba Explore Information Services vs.
Utah Dept. of Public Safety, Division of Driver License
Motor vehicle record information

Appeal granted

Utah Court of Appeals overturned Committee's ruling-May 2005

00-05 Wasatch County Courier, LLC vs.
Wasatch County (Utah)
Billing records relating to payments by the County to outside counsel Joseph Dunbeck Appeal granted
00-06 Kristin M. Cappel vs.
University of Utah
Skiing file records, including e-mails and handwritten notes; a self-report to the NCAA; and Initial Academic Eligibility Waiver Applications Appeal denied
00-07 William Munro vs.
Utah Dept. of Corrections
Nine column employee list/roster Appeal denied
00-08 Deseret News vs.
Utah State Tax Commission
Tax lien information on property of candidates seeking public office Appeal denied
00-09 Adrian Hickey vs.
Board of Pardons and Parole
All public decisions and rational sheets that the Board has issued to offenders that came before them on parole hearings Appeal denied
00-10 People for the USA, Color Country Chapter vs.
Kane County
The complete road agreement between the Bureau of Land Management in Kane County, including all supporting documents; minutes from several meetings; current plats and specific descriptions of all county roads existing in Kane County; and a second written opinion from Steve Boyden of the Utah Attorney General's Office concerning the aforementioned road agreement Appeal granted
00-11 Jess Green vs. American Fork City All records faxed from American Fork City to private Attorney Kathryn Collard, and received from that attorney Appeal denied

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