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The Update Process

  • An agency or the Archives proposes an update (revision, consolidation, new schedule, etc.).
  • Archives gathers data and drafts the update with informed input from stakeholders.
  • Archives' internal committee approves proposed update to move forward.
  • Draft is made public for stakeholder feedback for one month.
  • Archives reviews feedback and revises draft as needed.
  • Archives' internal committee approves updated draft.
  • Minor updates are implemented at this point.
  • Major updates are sent to the Records Management Committee for approval.
  • If the Records Management Committee approves the update, it is implemented as approved.
  • If the Records Management Committee does not approve the update, it is not implemented.

Major/Minor Updates

Updates are categorized as either "major" or "minor."

Major updates include:

  • Significant description updates
  • Consolidation of schedules that are not duplicative
  • Consolidation that changes the retention of records
  • Retention change
  • Disposition change
  • Discontinuation of a schedule

Minor updates include:

  • Description updates for consistency, typos, or grammar
  • Consolidation of duplicative schedules
  • Citation updates
  • Title updates or changes


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