Records Center Request

Agencies may request records stored at the State Records Center to be sent back to them. The request may be a single file or multiple files; it may be a whole box or multiple boxes. To request multiple files (even if they are in the same box), this form needs to be submitted separately for each one. Use your "back" button after submitting the first one to avoid rekeying all of the agency address information. If your browser is not saving your address information after you click submit, you might try our plain version of this form.

Requester Information 

Recipient Information

, UT

Send the following records:

Please remember to return the file(s) to the Records Center using one of the methods listed below:

State Mail

State Records Center
Box 1029

US Mail (If Inter-Office Mail is unavailable)

Utah State Records Center
PO Box 141029
Salt Lake City, UT  84114-1029

File Request

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