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Department of Community and Culture. Division of State History Unpublished Utah Historical Quarterly manuscripts

Dates: 1955-

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These records are housed in the Utah State Archives' permanent storage room.

Historical Note

An agency history is available.

Scope and Content

About a dozen Utahns founded the Utah State Historical Society in 1897 at the Templeton Hotel in Salt Lake City. Jerrold Ranson Letcher, a transplant to Utah from Missouri, pushed its formation as a society that would balance prominent Mormons with non-Mormons, and involve government officials and women. Letcher had four goals for the Historical Society: to explore and investigate prehistoric artifacts and monuments; to collect and preserve papers, manuscripts, and documents; to hold scheduled meetings to share research and ideas; and to involve all parts of the state to contribute to furthering Utah history. At the first meeting on 22 July 1897, Governor Heber M. Wells appointed Letcher as chairman of the Society.

The State Legislature granted a large sum of money to the Society, allowing the Society to establish the Utah Historical Quarterly in 1928. Early issues were devoted to printing primary sources, especially edited versions or translations of journals or diaries. However, because of limited resources during the Great Depression, the Society suspended publication of the Quarterly from 1933 to 1939.

Under the direction of Arlington Russell Mortensen beginning in 1950, the Society began its transformation into a more academic, scholarly society. The first person to fill a management role with any training in history, Mortensen had earned a Ph.D. in history and brought his training to the society and especially the Quarterly. During the 1950's, the Quarterly attracted more scholarly authors. Mortensen also used special issues of the Quarterly to appeal to a wider audience, selling these special issues at public newsstands and supermarkets magazine racks. The modernized typography and format, special topics interesting to tourists, and colorful pages of these special issues appealed to a broader interest.

In the early 1960's, the Quarterly was redesigned and resembles its modern format. The Society changed its 6 by 9 inch format to a 71/4 by 10 3/8 format used today, and included more color covers. The Quarterly continues publishing innovative, scholarly articles based upon primary resources, book reviews, and documents to further knowledge of Utah history.


Alphabetical by author's surname.

Research Note

In 2009 the agency transferred custody of this series to the State Archives. The first sixteen boxes in this series (covering manuscripts received between 1955 and 2003) were originally processed by staff of State History and that original work has been maintained. A decision was made to process new accumulation from this record series without attempting to integrate them into previous processing efforts. This is reflected in a new alphabetical arrangement beginning with box seventeen.

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Published Utah Historical Quarterly manuscripts from the Department of Community and Culture. Division of State History, Series 27266, contains published manuscripts that appeared in the Utah Historical Quarterly.

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This series was transferred to the State Archives from the Historical Society in August, 2009. Records were formerly cataloged under Division of State History, manuscript number Mss B 1578.

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This series is primarily classified as Public. The secondary classification is Private.

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This series was archivally processed by Jim Kichas in August, 2009.

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Container List

1 1 Abraham, Terry, "Saints and Sinners"
1 2 Adams, John A., "The Rise and Fall of the Pleasant Grove United Order"
1 3 Ahrens, Kent, "Cyrus E. Dallin's War Memorials"
1 4 Alder, Douglas D., "Federal Aid and the Teaching of History"
1 5 Alexander, Thomas G., "Public Resource Policy"
1 6 Alexander, Thomas G., "The Manifesto as a Watershed"
1 7 Alexander, Thomas G., "The Utah Legislature and the New Social History, 1911-17"
1 8 Alexander, Thomas G., "Utah's Rise to the Precipice"
1 9 Allen, James B., "Crisis on the Home Front: The Federal Government and Utah's Defense Housing in WWII"
1 10 Allen, Wm. T., "To Unlock U of U's Future"
1 11 Amerman, Steve, "New Communities in Urban Utah"
1 12 Anderson, Mabel L., "Is There a Future for Our Past"
1 13 Anderson, Michael R., "Archibald Gardner: The Mill Builder"
1 14 Antrei, Albert, "Saleratus in Their Ink"
1 15 Antrei, Albert, "The Soggy Phoenix (A Western Phenomenon)"
1 16 Armstrong, Carol J., "Francis Armstrong"
1 17 Armstrong, Richard N., "Sermons of David O. McKay"
1 18 Arndt, Karl J. R., "Zundel's Quest for Truth"
1 19 Arrington, Chris R., "A Utahn in the Civil War"
1 20 Arrington, Leonard J. and Feramorz Young Fox, "When Saints Cooperated: The United Order at St. George"
1 21 Arrington, Leonard J., "The Commercialization of Utah's Economy: Trends and Developments from Statehood to 1910"
1 22 Arrington, Leonard J., "Bushnell Hospital"
1 23 Arrington, Leonard J., "BYU"
1 24 Asahina, Roberta Reese, "The Salt Lake Theatre"
1 25 Ashby, Ned T., "Supreme Court of Utah Territory…"
1 26 Baer, Hans A., "The Levites of Utah"
1 27 Bagley, Will, "Across the Snowy Mountains"
1 28 Baker, Doran and Clyde Braegger, "A Providential Place"
1 29 Baker, Gertrude Kendall, "Cross Currents: A Family Chronicle"
1 30 Baker, Sherry, "The Early Radio Industry"
1 31 Baldwin, Cinda, "Nineteenth Century Domestic Pottery"
1 32 Balmforth, Janet R., "Spirit of Columbia"
1 33 Bannon, Barbara M., "The History of Alta…"
1 34 Barber, Alicia, "Navigating the Streets of Gold"
1 35 Barlows, Tiffnie, "Discovery of Great Salt Lake"
1 36 Barnson, Ray V., "Crossfire"
1 37 Barton, John and Candace Barton, "Jurisdiction of Ute Reservation Lands"
1 38 Barton, John D., "The Reed Trading Post"
1 39 Bascom, George R., "The Unknown Sacrifice"
1 40 Bate, Kerry William, "Jane Hanks, Businesswoman, Spiritualist"
2 1 Bate, Kerry, "Virgin School Teacher Diary"
2 2 Beecher, Dale, "Early Celebrations in Utah"
2 3 Beeton, Beverly and Marion Riley, "The Utah Expedition"
2 4 Bender, Norman J., "A Peculiar Situation: Presbyterian Mission Schools in Mormon Land"
2 5 Bennett, Richard E., "Developing Dimensions of Harvey H. Cluff"
2 6 Bennion, Doug, "Brown's Park"
2 7 Berens, Todd I., "Cartographical Error in the Mapping of the Transmississippi West"
2 8 Bergera, Gary James, "Building Wilkinson's University"
2 9 Bergera, Gary James, "Ernest Wilkinson, President of BYU"
2 10 Bergera, Gary James, "Let Brother Pratt Do As He Will"
2 11 Bergera, Gary James, "Personal Account of Plural Marriage"
2 12 Berthiaume, Gary, "Frontier Thesis and Mormon Migration"
2 13 Bishop, M. Guy, "A Harsh Land: Sevier County"
2 14 Bishop, M. Guy, "Dark Skies Over Bryce Canyon"
2 15 Bishop, M. Guy, "The Saints and the Captain"
2 16 Bishop, M. Guy, "Henry William Bigler, Chronicler"
2 17 Bitton, Davis, "The Feminist Campaign for the Exclusion of Brigham Henry Roberts"
2 18 Bitton, Davis, "The Mormon Point of View"
2 19 Black, Donald Wayne, "Victorian Salt Lake City: A Profusion of Forms"
2 20 Black, Susan Easton, "The Mormon Battalion"
2 21 Blake, John T., "An Historical Delineation of Utah"
2 22 Boren, Kerry Ross, "Contemporaries of Major John Wesley Powell in the Vicinity of The Flaming Gorge"
2 23 Boren, Kerry Ross, "The Cabin of Uncle Jack Robinson"
2 24 Bowman, Harold, "The Salt Lake County Medical Society: A History"
2 25 Bradley, Martha Sonntag, "Alice Merrill Horne: Progressive"
2 26 Brian, Kam, "The Great Depression and Wayne County"
2 27 Bringhurst, Newell, "Fawn Brodie's Quest"
2 28 Britsch, R. Lanier, "The Latter-Day Saint Mission to India: 1851-56"
2 29 Broadbent, Marden, "To the Southeast: Toil and Travail"
2 30 Brodie, Richard, "Bernard and Fawn M. Brodie: A Son's Reminiscence"
2 31 Brog, Christen, "Butch Cassidy: Outlaw Hero"
2 32 Brough, R. Clayton, "Sego"
3 1 Buchanan, Frederick S., "Mormon Broadsides at Zachary Taylor"
3 2 Buerger, David John, "Analysis of the Woodruff Manifesto"
3 3 Buhler, David, "Peculiar Case of Lynch and King"
3 4 Burgett, Gordon Lee, "Five Claims of Anti-Mormon Persecution During the Mexican War"
3 5 Caldwell, J. LeRoy, "German POWs in Utah During WWII"
3 6 Cannon, Brian Q., "Historical Analysis of Ogden"
3 7 Cannon, Donald Q., "The Utah Trucking Industry"
3 8 Cardon, A. F., "The Silver Service Protest and the Stone That Was Rejected"
3 9 Carmack, Noel, "Seven Ages of Thomas Lyne"
3 10 Carroll, Elsie C., "History of Kane County"
3 11 Carroll, LaVon B., "J. C. Penney and the Golden Rule"
3 12 Carter, Lyndia, "Of Logs and Men"
3 13 Carter, Thomas, "Fort Douglas Special Issue"
3 14 Carver, Sharon Snow, "Female Influence in SLC Government"
3 15 Cassell, Paul, "Search and Seizure Law"
3 16 Casterline, Gail, "Ellis Reynolds Shipp, M.D."
3 17 Chambless, Tim, "Brigham Young's Utah War Rhetoric"
3 18 Christensen, Harold G., "Rendezvous"
3 19 Christensen, Michael E., "The Emigration of a Scottish Family"
3 20 Clark Roger W., "The Life of the Emigrant"
3 21 Clark, Michael (statistical study)
3 22 Clayton, James L., "On Taking the Long-Term View"
3 23 Cleverly, J. Michael, "Urban Services in the Development of Utah Cities 1847-1920"
3 24 Clyde, Tom, "A Short History of the Woodland"
4 1 Coates, Lawrence, "Mormons and Social Change Among the Shoshones: 1853-1900"
4 2 Conder, Marjorie Draper, "Sketch of Z. T. Draper"
4 3 Contest Submissions
4 4 Cooper, Robert P., "The Deseret Alphabet"
4 5 Cottam, Daniel R., "Francis Hammond"
4 6 Cracroft, Richard H., "Counting Stockings on the Clothesline"
4 7 Creedon, John, "Bingham Canyon"
4 8 Croy, Hazel M., "A History of Education in San Bernardino During the Mormon Period"
4 9 Crum, Steven, "Southern Paiute Bands"
4 10 Culmsee, Carlton, "Escalante Desert"
4 11 Dame, Mary A., "Utah's First Capitol Building"
4 12 Damron, Paul Edwards, "Pioneer Home of Charles C. Rich"
4 13 Danforth, Elizabeth Castle, "Sundance Summer Theatre"
4 14 D'Arc, James V., "'Brigham Young,' Production Story"
4 15 Davich, Joe J., "Telephones and Tokens"
4 16 Davies, J. Kenneth, "Brigham Young's Gold Dust Transactions"
4 17 Davies, J. Kenneth, "Utah Labor Movement: An Overview"
4 18 Davis, France A., "Beginnings of Black Baptist"
4 19 DeLeo, William, "Little Cottonwood Canyon"
4 20 DeVries, Christine, "John Wesley Powell"
4 21 Diggs, D. Teddy, "The Mendon City Cemetery"
4 22 Dippel, Elizabeth A., "Revelation Versus the Statute Law: Mormon Polygamy and the Edmunds Bill of 1882"
4 23 Doordan, Kate, "Ethnicity in Park City"
4 24 Driggs, Ken, "A History of Short Creek"
4 25 Driggs, Ken, "Parental Rights of Fundamentalists"
4 26 Durham, G. Homer, "Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt's Visit with the First Presidency"
4 27 Dwyer, B. J., "Utah's Statehood: Zane and the Mormons"
5 1 Edwards, John, "We Followed the Trackline"
5 2 Edwards, Mitchell L., "Economic Stratification in SLC, 1860-70"
5 3 Eiseman, Fred B., Jr., "Gregory Bridge"
5 4 Ellis, Richard N., "Indians at Ibapah in Revolt"
5 5 Ellsworth, S. George, "Mormon Settlement of the Mountain West"
5 6 Embry, Jessie L., "A Provo Neighborhood in Transition"
5 7 Embry, Jessie L., "Leadership Styles in Heber City"
5 8 Embry, Jessie L., "The Provo City Charter"
5 9 Evans, Max J., "The Utah Territorial Library--1850-1890"
5 10 Ewers, Retta Evelyn, "Story of the Arrowhead"
5 11 Fetzer, Leland, "Russian Interest in Mormon Utopianism"
5 12 Fifield, Allen, "Was This The Place?"
5 13 Finch, Linda Kaye, "Conflict and Accommodation in Magna"
5 14 Finch, Linda Kaye, "The Quinceanera"
5 15 Finlayson, Ralph L., "Brigham Young Lays Out the Law"
5 16 Fisher, Bill, "Remarks, Frank Fisher"
5 17 Fitzgerald, John W., "A Synopsis of One Hundred Years of Education in a Utah Community"
5 18 Foster, Craig L., "Men Will Be Boys"
5 19 Foster, Craig L., "The Social Structure of Panaca"
5 20 Francaviglia, Richard V., "New Landscapes of Zion: Conflicts and Changes"
5 21 Franks, Kenny A., "The Golden Plates and Joseph Smith"
5 22 Gadd, John, "Early Resorts on the Great Salt Lake"
5 23 Galli, Craig D., "Sen. King and the 1924 Immigration Act"
5 24 Garate, Donald T., "Velez Escalante: A Glimpse"
5 25 Gardner, David E., "Welsh Letters"
5 26 Gardner, Hamilton, "Phillip St. George Cooke"
5 27 Garrett, H. Dean, "The Logan Temple: A School of Science"
5 28 Gilliland, Andrew W., "The 1894 Appointment of Wm. H. King"
5 29 Glenn, James D., "Images of Indians"
5 30 Godfrey, Audrey M., "Home Hungry Hearts"
6 1 Godfrey, Donald G., "Zina Young Williams Card"
6 2 Godfrey, Kenneth W., "Charles W. Penrose"
6 3 Godfrey, Kenneth W., "Frank J. Cannon"
6 4 Godfrey, Kenneth W., "Frank J. Cannon, A Political Profile"
6 5 Godfrey, Kenneth W., "John Kenneth Cannon"
6 6 Godfrey, Kenneth W., "The Moses Thatcher Case"
6 7 Godfrey, Matthew, "Bear Lake Valley, 1863-1920"
6 8 Godfrey, Matthew, "Political Intrigue, Public Welfare, or Profiteering? The 1920 Indictments of Utah-Idaho Sugar Company"
6 9 Godfrey, Matthew, "Regulating Some Hard Dealing: The Federal Trade Commission's 1920 Trial of the Utah-Idaho Sugar Companyr"
6 10 Goldberg, Joyce S., "Elbert Thomas and American Neutrality"
6 11 Grandy, DeWitt C., "Last of the Central Shearing Corrals"
6 12 Green, Chris, "The Values of a Miner"
6 13 Green, D. Brooks, "Streetcars in Salt Lake City"
6 14 Greenbaum, Fred, "The Progressive Philosophy of Edward P. Costigan"
6 15 Grow, Stewart L., "Utah's Defeat of the Seventeenth Amendment"
6 16 Gruhn, Ruth, "Aboriginal Culture History"
6 17 Gunn, Horace J., "Marysvale, UT: A Unique Western Town"
6 18 Hafen, Leroy, "John H. Weber"
6 19 Haglund, Karl and Judy McDowell, "Main Street, Salt Lake City"
6 20 Hainsworth, Brad E., "Those Damnable Sevens"
6 21 Hall, Dee and Wade Miller, "Vertebrate Paleontology in Utah"
6 22 Harmer, Lewis J., "The Saga of Battle Creek"
6 23 Harrington, Gordon and Polly Harrington, "Congregationalism in Utah"
6 24 Hartley, William, "Karl M. Richards Interview"
6 25 Haymond, Jay, "Roads on the Wasatch Plateau"
6 26 Heath, Steven H., "Presidential Visits to Utah"
6 27 Hendricks, Hope, "The Settlement of Bingham Canyon"
6 28 Hibbard, Charles G., "The Battle of Bear River"
6 29 Hiibner, Calvin W., "Delegates from Utah Territory at the National Nominating Conventions"
6 30 Hill, Marvin S., "Cultural Crisis in the Mormon Kingdom"
7 1 Hoffman, John, "Beeson Journal"
7 2 Hogan, Mervin B., "The Cryptic Cable Tow Between Mormonism and Free Masonry"
7 3 Hogan, Mervin B., "The Rise and Fall of Nauvoo Lodge"
7 4 Holland, Reid, "The Mormon Battalion in the Mexican War"
7 5 Homer, Michael W., "Italians and the Manifesto"
7 6 Homer, Michael W., "Judge Kinney and the Mormons"
7 7 Hooton, LeRoy, Jr., "The Jordan and SLC Canal"
7 8 Hull, A. C., Jr., "Native Vegetation in Cache Valley"
7 9 Hunter, James G., "P.O.W. Camp 3, Ft. Douglas"
7 10 Iber, Jorge, "Hispanic Casino Workers in Wendover"
7 11 Iber, Jorge, "Los Nuevos Pioneros"
7 12 Jack, Ronald C., "Electoral Behavior in Territorial Utah, 1847-59"
7 13 Jack, Ronald C., "Women in Politics"
7 14 Jackson, Richard H., "Adobe Construction in Utah"
7 15 Jackson, Richard H., "The City of Zion"
7 16 Jacobs, G. Clell, "Rivera: The Phantom Pathfinder"
7 17 Jensen, Bryant L., "History of Bluff"
7 18 Jensen, Chris, "Building the Hurricane Canal"
7 19 Jensen, Jerrold S., "Common Law in the Territory of Utah"
7 20 Jensen, Richard L., "Judge Kinney and the Mormons"
7 21 Jensen, Richard, "Big Bill Haywood"
7 22 Jenson, Bert, "Early Education in Nine Mile"
7 23 Jenson, Harold H., "Andrew Jenson, Biography"
7 24 Jeppson, Joseph H., "The Great Debacle of 1915"
7 25 Johnson, Clark V., "The California Volunteers and the Battle at Bear River"
8 1 Johnson, Jeffery O., "Utah's Early Christian Science"
8 2 Johnson, Judith R., "Relocation of the Utah State Penitentiary"
8 3 Johnson, Kevin W., "The Spoiled Buchanan System"
8 4 Johnson, Rue C., "The Reed Smoot Case"
8 5 Jones, Jim, "History of Grafton, 1861-1921"
8 6 Jorgensen, Lynne Watkins, "Leland Maeser Jorgensen in WWI"
8 7 Jost, Sam, "Diary of Jean Rio Griffiths Baker Pearce, 1851-77"
8 8 Kalisch, Philip A., "Unsung Miners of Utah's Coal: Coal Mine Disasters in the Beehive State"
8 9 Kearns, John, "Clericalism and the New Deal in Utah"
8 10 Kearns, John, "Utah's Repeal Election"
8 11 Kellogg, Sandra L., "Brown Mansion"
8 12 Kimball, Gary, "A Gentile Island: Park City"
8 13 Kimball, Stanley B., "The Dark Side of Heroism"
8 14 King, Jeffery S., "Attempted Execution of Pocatello"
8 15 Kirby, Dale Z., "From the Journal of a Cohab"
8 16 Kline, Geraldine T., "Utah and the Fight over the League of Nations 1918-20"
8 17 Knecht, William L., "John N. Cradlebaugh, 'A Judicial Monarch'"
8 18 Knecht, William L., "Judges to Rule over Them"
8 19 Knecht, William L., "Thomas Jefferson Drake"
8 20 Knipmeyer, James H., "Dunn Family and Navajo Mountain"
9 1 Knudson, James K., "Mormon Nauvoo: A Practical Community in an Age of Utopia"
9 2 Knutson, O. Ray, "Murder in the Mountains, 1857-61"
9 3 Kunz, Gary C., "Progressivism in Provo"
9 4 Kunz, Gary C., "William Jennings Bryan's 1922 Visit"
9 5 Lamar, Howard R., "Theater in Mormon Life and Culture"
9 6 Lancaster, Dennis, "Dixie Wine"
9 7 Langellier, John, "Chaplain Allen Allensworth"
9 8 Langum, David J., "Pioneer Justice on the Overland Trails: A Re-evaluation"
9 9 Larsen, Lila, "Ouray, 1917"
9 10 Larsen, Wes, "A New Theory on William Dunn and the Howland Brothers"
9 11 Larsen, Wes, "John D. Lee's Other Communities"
9 12 Larsen, Wesley P., "Law and Order in Toquerville"
9 13 Larson, Gustive O., "Uinta Dream"
9 14 Larson, Stan, "Rodger Clawson: Twice a Prisoner"
9 15 Lashbrook, Lawrence G., "WPA Culture in Utah"
9 16 LeMassena, Robert A., "Railroading in Utah"
9 17 Leonard, Glen M., "Changing Roles of Modern Woman"
9 18 LePore, Herbert, "Beating Against the Air"
9 19 Levitt, James H., "Zion in Transition: The Effects of Early Mining in Utah"
9 20 Lindley, William R., "Great Days at the Tribune"
9 21 Linford, Orma, Judiciary in Triplicate"
9 22 Loftus, Mavanee, "Rob's Reservoir"
9 23 Logan, Roger V., Jr., "Mountain Meadows Massacre Victims"
9 24 Louder, Dean R., "Comparative Rural to Urban Transition of Mormons in the Western United States"
9 25 Lougee, Kenneth D., "Improbable Schemes: The Utah Ponzi Scare"
9 26 Lougee, Kenneth, "Bankrupt: Early Ogden Filings"
9 27 Lowe, Ellen M., "Juanita Brooks: Utah Historian"
9 28 Lyman, E. Leo, "A Railroad to Salt Lake City"
9 29 Lyman, Edward L., "Governor Heber M. Wells"
9 30 Lyman, Edward Leo, "The Saints in Politics: The Mormon Quest for Utah Statehood, 1887-94"
9 31 Lyon, William H., "Navajos in Historical Imagination"
9 32 MacKay, Kathryn L., "Charlotte Kirby and Fanny Stenhouse"
9 33 MacKinnon, William P., "James Buchanan's Vietnam"
9 34 Madsen, Brigham, "Remembering Gen. Patrick Edward Connor"
9 35 Madsen, D. B. and B. D., "One Man's Meat"
9 36 Mahmoudi, Jahl, "Abdu'l-Baha in Salt Lake City"
9 37 Mangrum, R. Collin, "The Revolution That Never Was"
9 38 Mann, Mary Lee, "Journal of William Lee"
9 39 Marin, Sheila Ann, "Mormon Humor in the Kingdom"
9 40 Marshall, J. Daniel, "Panguitch Pony Express"
10 1 Masland, F. E., Jr., "Navajo Mountain"
10 2 Maughan, Walter L., "Bear Hunter's Revenge"
10 3 Maxwell, Margaret, "Sara Alexander"
10 4 Mayden, Priscilla M., "Veteran's Hospital, SLC"
10 5 McClure, Roan A., "Officer Candidate School at the Utah Military Academy"
10 6 McCormick, John S., "Isaac K. Russell: Mormon Muckraker"
10 7 McCormick, John S., "The Muckrakers and the Mormons"
10 8 McMurrin, Sterling M., "Problems in Universalizing Mormonism"
10 9 McPherson, Robert S., "History of Montezuma Canyon, 1860-1933"
10 10 McPherson, Robert S., "San Juan Band Paiutes"
10 11 Melville, J. Keith, "Lucybeth Cardon Rampton"
10 12 Melville, J. Keith, "The Infant Steps of Territorial Government"
10 13 Miller, David, "Explorations on the Colorado"
10 14 Miller, Eldon, "The Clawson Church House"
10 15 Miscellaneous Rejections
10 16 Mitchell, Martin, "Non-Mormon Perceptions of SLC"
10 17 Moffat, Riley, "The Mapping of Utah to 1900"
10 18 Moffitt, J. C., "The Utah Indians Go from Rags to Riches"
10 19 Mooney, Bernice M., "Monsignor Alfredo F. Giovannoni"
10 20 Morgan, Dale, "Hosea Stout"
10 21 Morse, Kathryn, "Samuel Roskelley"
10 22 Muhlestein, Daniel K., "Cattle Companies of San Juan"
10 23 Murphy, Miriam, "Harriet Tuttle and Her Circle"
11 1 Neilson, Reid Larkin, "Writings of William Atkin II"
11 2 Nelson, Lowry, "Boyhood in a Mormon Village"
11 3 Nelson, Marie H., "Anti-Mormon Sentiment in Park City"
11 4 Nelson, Mark F., "'Just War' Doctrine"
11 5 Nelson, Sharene, "Swing Dancing in the 1930s"
11 6 Nelson, Virginia C., "LDS University"
11 7 Nielsen, Steven A., "Matthias F. Cowley"
11 8 Nyman, Emil, "Rev. R. G. McNiece of Westminster"
11 9 Olsen, Robert W., "Deseret Telegraph"
11 10 Olsen, Steven L., "A Reply to Eugene Campbell's Critique of the 'Outer Cordon' Concept"
11 11 Olsen, V. Allen, "The Utah Farm Bureau Federation and its Place in Utah Agriculture"
11 12 O'Neil, Floyd A. and Gregory Thompson, "A Short History of Uintah Basin"
11 13 Osmond, Russell L., "I Am the Vine and Ye Are the Branches"
11 14 Pace, D. Gene, "From 'Kind' to Cash"
11 15 Pace, D. Gene, "Mormon Financial Administration"
11 16 Palmer, Rosemary G., "Lucy Canfield's Diary"
11 17 Panek, Tracey E., "Iosepa: Utah's Polynesian Colony"
11 18 Parry, William T., "The Millcreek Canyon Wooden Pipelines"
11 19 Parson, Robert, "Obstacles to Rich County Colonization"
11 20 Parson, Robert, "Statehood and Higher Education"
11 21 Pasley, J. Gordon, "Utah's George Sutherland as a Congressman and Senator"
11 22 Pass, Edna, "Land of Bountiful" and "The Adamant Captain Stowell"
11 23 Patrick, John R., "The School of the Prophets: Its Political Influence on Utah's Territorial
11 24 Paulson, Jean R., "Brother Jonathan"
11 25 Perry, Mary Lou, "Grandpa Atwood"
11 26 Peterson, Charles S., "Oral History: Looking Glass for Utah's Recent Past"
11 27 Peterson, Charles S., "Utah Writers of the 1940s"
12 1 Ping, Larry L., "Utah Veterans Recall Iwo Jima"
12 2 Poll, Richard D., "The Missing Convention"
12 3 Poll, Richard D., "Utah and the Mormons: A Symbiotic Relationship"
12 4 Porath, Joseph H., "Bishop Koyle's Dream Mine"
12 5 Porath, Joseph H., "The 'Big Field Survey'"
12 6 Porath, Joseph H., "The Sale of Fort Bridger"
12 7 Poulsen, Richard C., "The Handclasp Motif in Mormon Imagery"
12 8 Poulsen, Richard Carl, "Polynesians in the Desert: A Look at the Graves of Iosepa"
12 9 Pratt, Alan, "Heavy Metal Mania"
12 10 Quackenbush, Stanley F., "Financing the Frontier Business Corporation"
12 11 Quackenbush, Stanley F., "Incorporation by Special Act in Utah, 1850-67"
12 12 Quackenbush, Stanley F., "Utah Business Corporations, 1847-1895"
12 13 Quinn, D. Michael, "A Far Westerner Rejects the New Frontier of 1898"
12 14 Quinn, D. Michael, "The Changing Status of Polygamy in Utah Legal History"
12 15 Rampton, Robert L., "The Great Auto Race of 1928"
12 16 Rasmussen, Lowell W., "Origin of Cooperative Irrigation"
12 17 Record, Patricia L., "How Logan Got Its Name"
12 18 Reeder, Ray M., "Indian Slavery in Utah"
12 19 Reeves, Brian, "The Old Folks' Committee"
12 20 Reid, Charles J., Jr., "John M. Zane's Utah Legal Career"
12 21 Reilly, P. T., "Paria River"
12 22 Reilly, P. T., "Trails, Wagon Roads, and Highways over Buckskin Mountain"
12 23 Reiser, A. Hamer, Jr., "Brigham Young's Death"
12 24 Richards, Bradley W., "Charles R. Savage"
12 25 Richards, Clara, "My Hometown"
12 26 Risvold, Floyd, "Collection of Mormon Letters"
12 27 Robinson, Clay M., "Let There Be Light"
12 28 Rogers, Kristen, "Park City: A Play Paradise"
12 29 Rollins, Kerril Sue, "A Glimpse of the Other Side"
12 30 Rolph, Daniel N., "Kentucky Casualties, Utah War"
12 31 Roper, Roger, "Movie Theaters"
12 32 Royce, Craig Evan, "The Uranium Seekers"
12 33 Rudd, Hynda, "Shaarey Tzadek: Salt Lake's Third Jewish Congregation"
12 34 Rudd, Hynda, "The Unsinkable Anna Marks"
12 35 Rushforth, Brett, "The John G. Morrison Family"
12 36 Rushforth, Brett, "Utah Wilderness in Perspective"
12 37 Russell, Shirley B., "An Interview with William Carter Staines"
13 1 Sanderson, Grant R., "The Mammoth Dam Failures"
13 2 Schindler, Harold, "Maj. Benteen at Fort Douglas"
13 3 Schlup, Leonard, "Sen. King and the League"
13 4 Schlup, Leonard, "Senator Joseph L. Rawlins"
13 5 Schoenfeld, David C., "Irrigation and Canal Companies in Davis County, 1890-1974"
13 6 Schroeder, David Leo, "Prohibition Repeal in Utah"
13 7 Schweikart, Larry, "The Mormon Connection: Lincoln and the Latter-day Saints"
13 8 Scott, Patricia Lyn, "'Lemonade Lucy' and Anti-Polygamy"
13 9 Secrist, Shirley, "IML and Interstate Trucking"
13 10 Sessions, Gene A., "The Con Wagon Affair"
13 11 Shepherd, Allen L., "Gentile in Zion: Algernon Sidney Paddock and the Utah Commission, 1882-6"
13 12 Shipp, Dustin, "Italy in Utah"
13 13 Shipps, Jan, "The Mormons in Politics: 1896-1912"
13 14 Shirts, Morris A., "Mystery of the Stone Box"
13 15 Shirts, Morris A. and France Smeath, "Historical Topography: Mountain Meadows"
13 16 Silliman, Bert J., "Gwinn Harris Heap Map"
13 17 Sillito, John R., "The Labor Party Movement"
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