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The 5 current or previous state parks in the southeast are known for their great hiking and outdoor recreation.  From Moab to Monument Valley citizens and visitors get a sense of endless outdoor possibilities.
  • Green River State ParkGreen River State Park - 1965
    Green River State Park (Emery County) opened in 1965 and is home to a popular golf course.  So popular, in fact, that the 1966 grand opening of the golf course was widely celebrated. This flier advertises the grand opening of Green River Golf Course.
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  • Millsite State ParkMillsite State Park - 1971
    Opened in 1971, Millsite State Park (Emery County) is great for golf and, despite the publicity, remains a quiet place to hit the green. This Deseret News article by Mike Sorenson discusses the growing popularity of the golf course at Millsite Camp State Park.
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  • Palisade State Park Palisade State Park - 1962
    Palisade State Park (Sanpete County) was created in 1962 as an outdoor recreation park.  This invitation to the dedication of the Palisade State Park golf course was part of Sanpete County’s contribution to Utah’s Centennial Celebration.
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  • Scofield State ParkScofield State Park - 1963
    Photo caption.
    Palisade State Park (Sanpete County) was created in 1962 as an outdoor recreation park.
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  • Steinaker State ParkSteinaker State Park - 1964
    Steinaker State Park (Uintah County) opened in 1964 and is known for its winter activities.  This brochure lists special features of the park including: geology, native plants and animals, recreational activities, camping opportunities, fees, and reservation information for the park.
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