Utah Department of Administrative Services

Division of Archives & Records Service

State Records Committee

The State Records Committee meets at least quarterly to approve the retentions and dispositions of record series generated by state and local government entities. They also serve as an appeals board when access to records has been denied by the originating agency. Their decisions and orders are available online. Appeal hearings are generally scheduled for the second Thursday of the month.

For information regarding upcoming appeals or to file an appeal with the Committee, write to:

Nova Dubovik
346 S. Rio Grande
Salt Lake City, UT 84101-1106
Phone: 801-531-3834
E-mail: ndubovik@utah.gov

All of the Committee's work is in accordance with Utah Code Annotated 63G-2-101 et seq. They also follow administrative rules regarding State Records Committee procedures. Record retention schedules under review are available for public comment from the Utah State Archives. Meeting minutes may be accessed via the Public Notice Website.

Local governments may have their own ordinances which provide for and/or limit use of the State Records Committee for appeal hearings.

The State Records Committee is currently composed of the following individuals:

Member Representing
David Fleming Private Sector Records Manager
Doug Misner State History Designee
Patricia Smith-Mansfield, chair Governor's Designee
Holly Richardson Citizen Representative
Marie Cornwall Citizen Representative
Blaine Breshears Political Subdivision Elected Official
Tom Haraldsen News Media Representative

Paul H. Tonks, Assistant Attorney General, serves as counsel to the Committee. Nova Dubovik of the Utah State Archives serves as Executive Secretary. Patricia Smith-Mansfield is the Chair.