Utah Department of Administrative Services

Division of Archives & Records Service

Series 2794

Department of Administrative Services. Division Archives and Records Service Military separation forms and benefit records

Dates: 1917-1979.

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These records are housed in the Utah State Archives' permanent storage room.

Scope and Content

In an effort to document the military service of Utah residents from settlement of the territory until the present day, the Utah State Archives collected service records from all branches of the U.S. military, selective service documents, and veterans' education and training forms. Occasionally, copies of documents that identified military service people by name were added to the series from other local government records, newspapers, and published sources. Most of the records document military service during World War II, but there are also some records from World War I and post World War II. Most frequent are various forms verifying separation from all the branches of military service. These record personal data about the service person, transfer and discharge data, selective service data, military service data, Veterans Administration insurance and pay information, and authentication and signatures. There are numerous forms documenting the eligibility of veterans for educational training, along with their training and education records from the University of Utah. Applications for exemption from paying property tax from the 1930s are found infrequently throughout the series. Rarely, other types of records were filed with the series. Included in this category are newspaper clippings, muster rolls from the Mormon Battalion, and lists of military personnel from Utah killed during World War II. The records were given to the Utah State Historical Society by the Utah office of the U.S. Selective Service sometime after World War II. Records of service since that time were added as they became available.


Alphabetical by surname.

Related Records

Veterans' case files from the Department of Human Services. Office of Veterans' Affairs, Series 2255, contains discharge papers on some veterans who sought benefits for military service in the 1970s.

Military discharge forms from the Department of Veterans' Affairs, Series 19958, include later discharges.

Military service cards from the Department of Administrative Services. Division Archives and Records Service, Series 85268, contains military service data abstracted by the War History and Archives program for many of the world war veterans whose discharge papers are in this series.

Custody History

The records were given to the Utah State Historical Society by the Utah office of the U.S. Selective Service sometime after World War II. Records of service since that time were added as they became available.

Access Restrictions

This series is classified as Private.

Preferred Citation

Cite the Utah State Archives and Records Service, the creating agency name, the series title, and the series number.

Processing Note

These records were microfilmed and jacketed during the 1970s; the original forms were destroyed. Now on aperature cards, the forms were integrated into the military service cards series. In 1989, they were removed from that series and organized separately.

Indexing Terms

  • World War, 1914-1918—Utah.
  • World War, 1939-1945—Utah.
  • Veterans—Utah.
  • Military discharge—Utah.
  • Veterans—Education—Utah.

Container List

1 Aadnesen, G. - Allen, P.
2 Allen, R. - Anderson, J.
3 Anderson, K. - Asal, P.
4 Asay, A. - Balkwill, U.
5 Ball, A. - Bartlett, W.
6 Bartley, L. - Behrs, W.
7 Behunin, A. - Bhessler, C.
8 Bianchi, E. - Blamires, V.
9 Blanc, A. - Bowers, W.
10 Bowes, F. - Brimhall, W.
11 Brimley, B. - Brunners, S.
12 Bruno, A. - Burt, J.
13 Burt, K. - Campbell, R.
14 Campbell, R. - Castles, T.
15 Castleton, F. - Christensen, D.
16 Christensen, D. - Clark, S.
17 Clark, S. - Conder, N.
18 Conder, N. - Cox, A.
19 Cox, A. - Cummings, W.
20 Cumminis, J. - Davis, C.
21 Davis, C. - Denison, F.
22 Dennison, H. - Dowley, J.
23 Dowley, C. - Earl, W.
24 Earl, W. - Endsley, J.
25 Enevoldsen, R. - Farmer, W.
26 Farmer, W. - Fitzgerald, W.
27 Fitzinger, E. - Frandsen, F.
28 Frandsen, G. - Gardiner, H.
29 Gardiner, H. - Gill, G.
30 Gill, Glen - Graham, L.
31 Gran, L. - Grunder, C.
32 Grundfer, W. - Halling, R.
33 Halling, R. - Hansen, R.
34 Hansen, R. - Harward, R.
35 Harward, R. - Hellstrom, T.
36 Hellstrom, T. - Hill, C.
37 Hill, C. - Holmes, W.
38 Holmes, W. - Huges, G.
39 Huges, G. - Irvine, T.
40 Irvine, T. - James, J.
41 James, K. - Jensen, R.
42 Jensen, R. - Johnson, J.
43 Johnson, J. - Jones, H.
44 Jones, I. - Kaze, E.
45 Keane, E. - King, W.
46 Kingdom, J. - Kuhre, U.
47 Kuida, H. - Larson, E.
48 Larson, G. - Leon, R.
49 Leonard, A. - Lambardi, J.
50 Lombardi, R. - Lyvan, E.
51 McAfee, G. - McKenny, M.
52 McKenzie, B. - Malin, L.
53 Malin, L. - Masse, R.
54 Massey, B. - Merrill, J.
55 Merrill, J. - Mitani, K.
56 Mitchel, L. - Morris, P.
57 Morris, P. - Nalouf, H.
58 Namba, A. - Neves, C.
59 Neves, C. - Noorda, B.
60 Noorda, D. - Olsen, N.
61 Olsen, N. - Palleses, D.
62 Palmer, A. - Pearce, J.
63 Pearce, J. - Peterson, E.
64 Peterson, F. - Platis, J.
65 Platt, B. - Prims, J.
66 Prince, C. - Rawle, R.
67 Rawlings, B. - Richan, W.
68 Richards, A. - Robin, W.
69 Robinson, A. - Rothwell, W.
70 Rott, A. - Sharff, D.
71 Sargent, A. - Seely, C.
72 Seghini, R. - Shurtliff, L.
73 Shurtliff, L. - Smith, E.
74 Smith, E. - Somerville, W.
75 Somerville, W. - Starley, W.
76 Starr, A. - Stone, J.
77 Stone, J. - Syme, G.
78 Syme, R. - Tew, G.
79 Tew, G. - Thurston, K.
80 Thurston, L. - Turnbull, L.
81 Turner, A. - Vetterli, O.
82 Vialpando, K. - Walter, C.
83 Walters, E. - Wayrynen, R.
84 Weagle, H. - Whitaker, R.
85 Whitaker, R. - Williams, D.
86 Williams, E. - Wilson, W.
87 Wise, A. - Wozniak, T.
88 Wright, A. - Zwillman, S.