Utah Department of Administrative Services

Division of Archives & Records Service

Series 2220

Secretary of State Indian war veteran medal records

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Dates: i 1905-1940.

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These records are housed in the Utah State Archives' permanent storage room.

Scope and Content

In 1905 the legislature passed an act entitled "Medals for Indian War Veterans" (ch. 86 in Laws of the State of Utah....1905. The Star Printing Co., Salt Lake City, 1905.). This authorized the governor and secretary of state to procure a medal for each of the veterans who actually served in suppressing Indian hostilities in Utah during the years 1850 to 1872, inclusive. These forms are the applications for a medal submitted by the veteran or next of kin. Related correspondence also is included as are a few actual medals which were never distributed. Most of the applications relate to service in the Black Hawk wars. Other confrontations mentioned on the forms include the Walker War, Navajo raids, Shoshone war, Paiute raids, Tintic skirmishes, etc.

The form required county; veteran's age; birthplace; current residence; name of war in which served; enrollment date; rank; commander's name; and places, years, and type of actual service followed by the applicant's signature. If being completed by next of kin, there was a blank for the applicant to state his or her relationship to the veteran. The statement was witnessed by a notary and attested to by two individuals with personal knowledge of the applicant's service. The signature of the commander stating that the individual was entitled to a medal might also be included. The back of the form gives the date received, date approved, and the signatures of the governor and secretary of state.

Correspondence is scattered amidst the forms and clustered at the end of the series. Correspondence includes requests for forms, manufacturing orders, inquiries regarding delays, requests from veteran reunion groups, requests for receipts and the receipts themselves, thank you notes, etc. By 1925, appropriations last made in 1921 had lapsed to the general fund, and the applicant was required to pay a two dollar fee; letters explaining the necessity of a fee may be included. Correspondence as late as 1940 is noted where applicants were responding to 1939 advertisements listing unclaimed medals.

The medal could be presented to the veteran, or if deceased, to his nearest relative. If the medal was claimed, a signed statement acknowledging receipt of the medal by the applicant is usually attached to the application form. A few unclaimed medals remain in the series. The medals are bronze with the name of the veteran inscribed on the back and suspended by a red, white, and blue ribbon, as required by the legislation. Specifically, there is a bar pin at top with an Indian head and the dates 1850 and 1872. Suspended from that on the ribbon is a starburst with the state seal surrounded by the legend "Utah Indian War Veteran."


The forms are arranged alphabetically by the veteran's name; some files are filmed in reverse order. Correspondence is also alphabetical with the exception of a miscellaneous file. Some correspondence is mixed with the forms; much is filed after the applications. Medals appear at the end.

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Territorial militia records from the Department of Administrative Services. Division Archives and Records Service, Series 2210, contains service data from many of the same individuals whose original war records are present here.

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This series is classified as Public.

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Processing Note

Arranged with each page numerically stamped by the USHS Military Records Section. Microfilmed in 1980. Archivally processed by A.C. Cone, 1989. Updated in 1999 to note the actual medals which had been shelved in the reference vault.

Indexing Terms

  • Black Hawk War (Utah), 1865-1872.
  • Indians of North America—Utah—Wars.
  • Military history—Utah.
  • Navajos—Wars, 1850-1872.
  • Utes—Wars, 1850-1872.
  • Paiutes—Wars, 1850-1872.
  • Shoshone—Wars, 1850-1872.

Container List

1 1 1 Applications; Aagard, Andrew-Amundsen, Dyre
1 1 2 Applications; Andersen, Andrew-Averett, William
1 1 3 Applications; Babcock, Albern-Bean, Joseph
2 1 4 Applications; Beard, Thomas-Bethers, William
2 1 5 Applications; Brockbank, Isaac-Butterfield, George
3 1 6 Applications; Caffall, Ephraim-Church, H.S.
3 1 7 Applications; Clark, Joseph-Clyde, William
3 1 8 Applications; Coates, Joseph-Curtis, John
4 1 8 Applications; Curtis, John-Curtis, Uriah
4 1 9 Applications; Dack, Philip-Dyches, Thomas
4 1 10 Applications; Eagar, John-Ewing, John
4 1 11 Applications; Farmer, James-Fuller, Sanford
5 1 11 Applications; Fullerton, Alexander-Furguson, Eli
5 1 12 Applications; Gabbott, John-Gould, George
5 1 13 Applications; Goulter, William-Guymon, James
5 1 14 Applications; Hacking, Hanks, George
5 1 15 Applications; Harder, Willit-Haws, Caleb
6 1 15 Applications; Haws, George-Hitchcock, J.C.
6 1 16 Applications; Hodgson, Allen-Hyer, Christian
6 1 17 Applications; Imlay, John-Ivie, William
6 1 18 Applications; Jackman, A.R.-Jex, William
6 1 19 Applications; Hohansen, Niels-Jones, David
7 1 19 Applications; Jones, Elias-Justeson, Louis
7 1 20 Applications; Karren, John-Koffard, Larry
7 1 21 Applications; LaFevre, Thomas-Lewis, William
7 1 22 Applications; Lindsay, Joseph-Lytle, George
7 1 23 Applications; McAllister, W.J.F.-McArthur, Daniel
8 1 23 Applications; McArthur, J.D.-Mayne, William
8 2 1 Applications; Mecham, Amasa-Memmott, William
9 2 1 Applications; Mendenhall, R.L.-Mitchell, William
9 2 2 Applications; Moefser, J.H.-Mynster, A.W.
9 2 3 Applications; Nash, James-Nye, Charles
9 2 4 Applications; O'Neil, William-Owen, Evan
9 2 5 Applications; Payne, Joseph-Paxton, Anthony
10 2 5 Applications; Paul, Adam-Pace, Harvey
10 2 6 Applications; Petty, Robert-Peacock, George
10 2 7 Applications; Phillips, William-Quinn, George
10 2 8 Applications; Raper, Henry-Riter, Samuel
10 2 9 Applications; Robb, Thomas-Robb, William
11 2 9 Applications; Robbins, Theodore-Rust, George
11 2 10 Applications; Salisbury, Oke-Short, Samuel
11 2 11 Applications; Sidwell, George-South, Jordan
11 2 12 Applications; Spafford, Alma-Spencer, John
12 2 12 Applications; Spendlove, William-Syphus, Luke
12 2 13 Applications; Twelve, John-Tanner, William
12 2 14 Applications; Udall, David-Vanfleet, Elias
13 2 14 Applications; Vanvolkenburg, Alonzo-Vincent, Thomas
13 2 15 Applications; Wadsworth, George-Whittle, John
14 2 16 Applications; Widdison, Robert-Winchester, James
15 2 16 Applications; Windows, George-Wixom, Justin
16 2 17 Applications; Wolsey, Thomas-Zundle, Thomas
17 2 18 Miscellaneous correspondence
17 2 19 Correspondence, 1905-1912, A-C
17 2 20 Correspondence, 1905-1912, D-H
17 2 21 Correspondence, 1905-1912, I-L
17 2 22 Correspondence, 1905-1912, M-P
18 2 22 Correspondence, 1905-1912, M-P (Cont.)
18 2 23 Correspondence, 1905-1912, Q-S
18 2 24 Correspondence, 1905-1912, T-Z
None 3 n/a Indian War Veteran Medlas (8)