Utah Department of Administrative Services

Division of Archives & Records Service

Transferring Records

We store records for state and local government agencies free of charge. The records may be of permanent or temporary value. When transferring semi-active records (those used less than once per month) to the State Records Center, the procedures listed below should be followed. This will help prevent time delays during the transfer as well as assure efficient storage and retrieval of those records. The Records Center is now located in Clearfield, Utah: Building C-6, 5th St & C St. For answers to further questions, try our FAQ.

Verify that the records have been scheduled

Check the General Retention Schedule or your agency-specific schedules. If records have not been scheduled and the retentions approved by the State Records Committee, complete an inventory work sheet and submit it to a records analyst at the State Archives. Records Center personnel must know the total retention and their final disposition before the records are accepted for storage. All records must have a series number (provided by the State Archives) before they can be transferred.

Obtain Records Center boxes from Office Depot

Records must be transferred in Records Center boxes, available from Office Depot. These boxes are a proprietary item, meaning their production has been specially contracted in order to meet the specifications required by the State Archives. To order the boxes, follow these steps in order:

  1. Call 1-888-263-3423.
  2. Provide your agency's Office Depot Customer Number. If you have no customer number, you will be invited to establish one. You will not be able to order Records Center boxes without it, and the Office Depot representatives must have your account open before they can access the box item number in their computer system.
  3. Provide the item number for the boxes, which is 285052.
  4. Complete the transaction.

Complete Records Transfer Sheet (RTS)

Read the instructions provided with the RTS. When completed correctly, the RTS is an index for your office to use when retrieving records. It also acts as a shipping order. All transfer sheets must include the record series number and box numbers. A completed original RTS must accompany the boxes being transferred.

Prepare records for transfer to Records Center

To obtain the greatest economy in the storage of semi-active records, follow standard packing procedures:

  1. Pack records in the same arrangement which they are maintained and created in your agency files. Do not create a new filing system.
  2. Avoid over-packing boxes. Retrieving, shelving, and filing information is difficult in an over packed box.
  3. Limit box contents to one record series.
  4. Replace any Pendaflex folders (hanging file folders), binders, or three-ring notebooks with labeled manila folders.
  5. Contact the Records Center 801 525-3045 to make special arrangements if materials will not fit in a records center box.
  6. Label boxes with a large black pen with indelible ink and include the following information directly on the box: agency name and city, agency-assigned box number (e.g. 99-1, 99-2, etc.), and record series number.

Arrange delivery

Agencies must make their own arrangements to deliver records to the Records Center by submitting the online form or emailing the completed RTS to the Records Center. Once the RTS has been reviewed, the agency Records Officer will be contacted to arrange a date for delivery.

Deliver boxes to the Records Center

Upon delivery, Records Services staff will verify that all boxes have been transferred according to Records Transfer Sheet information. Records Officers should maintain a file of their RTS's to allow for retrieval of those records.