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Local Governance

Political subdivisions can adopt ordinances and policies regarding records that are applicable throughout their jurisdiction. These ordinances and policies must comply with state law. The following local governments have posted or filed them with the State Archives:


Utah State Law

  • Government Records Access and Management Act (GRAMA)
    Utah's primary records law, sometimes referred to as the open records law
    Utah Code 63G-2 or PDF
  • Public Records Management Act (PRMA)
    Outlines records management responsibilities for all governmental entities
    Utah Code 63A-12 or PDF
  • Uniform Electronic Transactions Act
    Validates the use of electronic records and signatures
    Utah Code 46-4
  • Open and Public Meetings Act
    Outlines requirements for open and public meetings and records
    Utah Code 52-4
  • Technology Governance Act (Public Notice Website)
    Outlines requirements for public notices posted on the Public Notice Website
    Utah Code 63F-1-701,702


Federal Law

Generally, federal laws apply to federal records. However, some federal laws impact records created or maintained in Utah. Laws that deal specifically with records access are:


Case Law

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