Utah Department of Administrative Services

Division of Archives & Records Service

Costs for Imaging and Microfilm Services

The following are costs for services to state and local agenices related to microfilming, including conversions to and from various image formats.

Film Duplication

Film Size Cost
16 mm diazo $10.00
35 mm diazo $12.00
16 mm silver $18.00
35 mm silver $20.00
16 mm cartridges $3.50

Microfilm Paper Records

Obtain a quote by contacting a Records Analyst.

Convert Microfilm to Digital

Type Cost Per Reel
Digital to Microfilm $40.00
Microfilm to Digital $35.00
Additional processing (i.e. TIFF to PDF) $5.00

Convert Microfiche to Digital

Obtain a quote by contacting the Preservation Manager.

Purchase Raw Film

Size Cost
16 mm $10.00
35 mm $15.00